Radio Interview: COAST TO COAST AM

FEB 11, 2019 – RADIO INTERVIEW On Monday, Feb, 11, 2019, I did a radio interview with George Noory, for his international radio program, Coast to Coast AM. We discussed my book Evolution Myths: A Critical View of neo-Darwinism.

George Noory is such a radio professional. He makes you feel at ease. I love talk radio, it is about having a conversation. I actually did my dissertation research on political talk radio, back in 2007.

We covered a lot of ground. We talked about . . .

  • Darwin did not coin the term evolution, Herbert Spencer did.
  • Darwin did not care for Spencer’s, Law of Evolution
  • Dr. Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA did not believe DNA was naturally caused
  • Crick believed in the theory of panspermia, life coming from other planets
  • We talked about evolution as becoming a theory of origins, something Darwin never intended
  • We talked about Darwin’s thoughts on metaphysics and faith
  • We had some great calls from people that had a variety of questions about evolution and the origin of life

If you can, become a member on George Noory’s website, then you can listen to the playback!

I hope George gives me the chance to be invited back, for another program!