Evolution Myths

by Author, Researcher, Speaker Jeffrey K Lyons Ph.D.

Today’s evolutionary theory is ubiquitous in our secular education systems. This book is a critical view of Neo-Darwinism, which is the dominant dogma throughout secular higher education and K-12 public education. The criticism of neo-Darwinism cited in this book are from the overlapping groups of: scientists, social sciences, atheists, philosophers and university professors. If you are looking for a resource that will give you sound arguments and facts, that will aid you in thinking critically about Darwinism; this is the resource for you.


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Listen to Jeffrey K. Lyons’ first live interview with legendary talk show host George Noory of Coast to Coast AM radio.

The original airing of this broadcast was Monday, February 11, 2019. 

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Check out Jeffrey K. Lyons’ interview with Richard Syrett, on his podcast Conspiracy Unlimited. Topics discussed: Darwin’s disdain for the term “evolution,” how Herbert Spencer changed Darwin’s theory, biologists that criticize evolution, and much more.

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What Readers Say

"Facinating and thought provoking" -Kathy

I highly recommend this book for an interesting perspective relating to evolution in general. Very specific and supported with numerous documented resources. It is a great read all the way through to the end conclusions.

"Well referenced and notated" -Michael P.

Jeff Lyons did a great job writing about the origins of the theory of evolution, many of the myths surrounding the subject, quoting a very large number of published references written by many evolutionists over the decades from Darwin to Dawkins. Enjoyed the book very much… highly recommended!

"A must have" -Sara Y.

This book is a valuable resource. I just ordered 3 more copies.