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Radio Interview with host Richard Syrett- Coast to Coast AM

Originally aired 10/17/2020 Jeffrey Lyons, professor from Hawaii Pacific University, who has argued that evolution cannot explain human language, and that the advent of human communication was never observed by a single Darwinist. Lyons contends that evolution is a strictly materialist and reductionist theory. According to Lyons, macroevolution is merely storytelling, a metaphysical research project that cannot be proven empirically. “The larger picture of evolution is quite frankly not science at all,” he said, noting scientists do not even agree on the details of evolution.

There is no evidence for the spontaneous generation of life, Lyons continued. “A cell is so complex there is no human being on Earth who can create it,” he noted. Another issue for evolutionists revolves around the incredibly complex biological code in DNA. The code appears to have been designed, Lyons suggested. As an example, he pointed to the building blocks of proteins, amino acids. At the molecular level all amino acids twist to the left, which is something scientists cannot explain with evolution. Lyons also spoke about the significant problems evolutionists have explaining how single cells became multi-cellular organisms. All of this for Lyons means it is impossible for life to have come about by chance on Earth.

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The Theory of Evolution with host George Noory Coast to Coast AM

Originally aired 2/12/2019 George Noory and Dr. Jeffrey Lyons explore his research into the theory of evolution, and why he believes that many scientists today are finally questioning whether that theory is actually true.