Extinction of Dinosaurs: What caused it?

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Reconstruction of fossil of Scipionyx samniticus

The second chapter of my book Evolution Myths: A Critical View of neo-Darwinism, is Myth 2: Natural Selection is the Primary Cause of Macro Evolution. In that chapter, I talk about the extinction of dinosaurs. Alvarez (1980) published his research with other scientists showing that a large asteroid hit Earth and caused the extinction of […]

Scientific Theory

Evolution is a Metatheory

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Evolution, as it is taught today in grades K-12 and at the university level, is no longer a biological theory; evolution is a metatheory. I talk about this in my book: Evolution Myths: A Critical View of Neo-Darwinism. Evolution can be found in not only the physical sciences, but also the natural sciences. Evolution has a […]


Radio Interview: COAST TO COAST AM

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FEB 11, 2019 – RADIO INTERVIEW On Monday, Feb, 11, 2019, I did a radio interview with George Noory, for his international radio program, Coast to Coast AM. We discussed my book Evolution Myths: A Critical View of neo-Darwinism. George Noory is such a radio professional. He makes you feel at ease. I love talk […]